Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Strawberry Ice-cream

The hectic long weekend took its toll. My newly acquired sexy voice developed into a cough which in turn gave me asthma. It gave me a day off work which was very welcomed.

The children, however, took no notice of this. So in a motherly effort, I asked if they wanted to try making ice-cream. It was a unanimous yes. We made use of the 1.4kg of strawberries that we purchased at Costco last week.

The process was relatively simple. What took a long time was the cooling of the custard mixture. It had to be in the fridge for at least several hours for the ice-cream maker to work properly. We started making the ice-cream in the morning and didn't finish it until 6pm! I also substituted thickened cream for double cream and halved the cream mixture as well as reducing the sugar in an attempt to make it healthier. Fortunately it worked! The ice-cream was a hit!

Hulling the strawberries

Heating up the milk and cream

Making the custard mixture

Lara happy to keep time

Elliot doing the stirring

The cooled custard mixture

Straining the strawberry puree

The ice-cream maker churning away

Hmmm...a little boy trying to lick the mixture on top of the ice-cream maker

The final product....Mmmm

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