Monday, 1 October 2012

24 Hours 24 Minutes

The busy weekend continued as we gathered after church to farewell the much loved Kohsino. The owners of this lovely home, have bought another house and so the house has been sold. What better way to commemorate the many days of gaming bliss that the Kohsino has hosted, then to have another one!

We arrived after lunch bearing drinks for the mob. The gaming commenced and kept going well past midnight. We slept over as I was exhausted. We woke up to another beautiful day, and helped the Kohs finish their leftovers and played more boardgames! Exactly 24 hours and 24 minutes after we arrived, we finally left to go home for some more much needed sleep!

The beloved Kohsino, venue for many weekend gaming sessions

The gorgeous bush outlook

The games that we all love

Loving the cubby house in the backyard

And the swings!

Jonah loves going "speed"!

Sausages galore

Variety available!

Children settled for movie

Adults can begin serious gaming

Viking meeple

Social games that make us look silly...

Playtime before breakfast

The girls have their own corner

One last play before saying goodbye

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