Thursday, 18 October 2012

Celebrating 160 Years

Celebrating two birthdays as well as 39 years of marriage
 On the weekend, we celebrated a few things in one gathering! Aunty Mary turned 70, Uncle Paddy turned 90 and they had their 39th wedding anniversary. It was a simple gathering of many Albanys which was always great fun. Tessa, Malcolm's cousin, put a beautiful video together of Uncle Paddy's life, Aunty Mary's glory years and their married years. Uncle Paddy was a handsome young lad, so very much like Errol Flynn! It was rather sad to see him so frail now. An Albany do would not be not complete without someone bursting into song and dance. The honours went to Aunty Rita who did the family proud!

Malcolm trying out his grandfather's hat, practising for the day he becomes a grumpy old man

Party time with the Albanys...a room full of them

A very emotional Uncle Paddy

Aunty Rita bursting into song

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