Friday, 28 December 2012

Happy Birthday Elliot!

This is a rather belated post due to a certain mother's inebriation last night. Although I insist that it was all Malcolm's fault...

The cake that Club Med organised for Elliot. Merangue with coconut base and white chocolate. It was a nice cake and I would have eaten more if I wasn't feeling so ill...

Elliot chose to go to ski class for the whole day on his birthday as he was going to be taken to ski on the "big" slopes. We later found out that Lara also went to the mountain to ski and both successfully manoeuvred the run that I fell down several times on. Sigh...

I pushed past my fear, the pain and the tiredness and went to ski lessons again. Weather conditions was very different today with visibility of only 4 to 5 metres in front of you. I was told to be brave, be confident and on y va! Arghh!!! So easy if one was able to turn left, but unfortunately that wasn't me. I took the afternoon off to relieve my sore muscles. Stretches in the pool, a stint in the steam room and a hot shower helped.

The children put their gear on inside, then wait until their name is called. The  4-5 staff then find the matching skis and put them on and they're off onto the magic carpet

There's a familiar face...

The "polite" boy having just finished his ski down hill

At our now regular visit to the bar in the late afternoon, I foolishly accepted a cocktail rather than my usual mocktail in celebration of Elliot's Birthday. Perhaps I was subconsciously trying to forget that it had been 10 years since we first welcomed our first child into this world. How quickly those precious 10 years have flown by. Not long after the cocktail, I started to feel ill, developed palpitations and became short of breath. I managed to hang on until Elliot had his cake but crashed very soon after that!

The offending Strawberry colada

The children thought it was special to have a mocktail each


Duck with pear


Happy Birthday Elliot! 
Young Jonah didn't wish to go to ski class or kids club today so Malcolm and I had to take turns to go to ski lessons. He had the pleasure of going for a walk with Jonah and I went to the morning session. The weather was again against us. Malcolm had got some snow shoes for his walk but unfortunately there was none small enough to fit Jonah's feet. The snow was so soft and deep then Jonah was sinking to his thighs. Malcolm had to carry him on his shoulders. Meanwhile at the top, the winds were blowing like crazy. Although there was good snow as there had been heavy snowfall, skiing was difficult and painful! Malcolm unfortunately missed out on skiing as the lifts were closed after lunch. We borrowed some equipment from the mini club and had some fun right outside the resort instead. As I type, Lara and Elliot are performing with the rest of the children from the kids club. Let's hope Malcolm takes some good footage!

"I'm a ninja". Yep, that's what you become when you wear your ski helmet back to front

Sledding on the slopes

On y va!

Dinner as usual is delicious and elegant

The best chicken schnitzel ever, cooked fresh in front me

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