Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Merry Christmas

On this special day as we celebrated the birth of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ, we were reminded of how blessed we were. Firstly to have God send his only son to die for us and give us hope, but also for the opportunity to be where we are right now.

It did feel a little bit strange to celebrate without any of our family or friends but it was a wonderful day nonetheless. With muscles aching, we braved the slopes again. However, I do not wish to hear "on y va" ever again! It appeared that everytime that phrase is uttered, I was forced to do something that scared the living daylights out of me. Roland thought we should practice some "speed" today, so he picked a slope and told us to ski straight down with skis parallel and no turns. On y va. No time to think. GO! NO! The feeling was not pleasant. He then decided that we were good enough to attempt parts of a red piste. On y va. Again no time to think! I really thought I was going to die...Perhaps skiing is not for me. He kindly told us that we had made big improvements in 2 days. Umm...thanks. But no more "on y va" please! I made a most graceful entrance into the ski in area of the resort on my behind as one ski came off in a most spectacular tumble and slid all the way down without me. With that, I decided to call it a day.

Malcolm and I enjoyed our children free lunch, watched the children ski and had a nap. Bliss. Malcolm then met up with the children's ski instructors for a progress report. We were told that Jonah was very polite. Really?!?! Lara is doing well and Elliot will be going on the real slopes tomorrow. The rest of the day was spent enjoying time together as a family, playing with the children with their presents, treating ourselves to the Christmas festivities and having yet another wonderful meal. It was a feast of oysters, crayfish, different types of fish, prawns, mussels, and much much more. We discovered that Jonah loves oysters!

A beautiful Christmas morning. The resort from the other side of the mountain

A surprise on the way to breakfast with a present for each child to go!

Wowing everybody with great fashion sense not...bright pink and neon green

Lara on the magic carpet

Elliot excited about going on the "big" hill tomorrow

A special Christmas snack offering

A mocktail or hand

Fairy floss and other goodies before dinner. Only on Christmas day

Opening Christmas presents

Lara loved what she got from Club Med

Wearing her creation proudly
A new wig to add to the collection

Elliot's present from Club Med

Jonah wasn't too fussed with his...might help him with his french though!

More interested in what Daddy bought him

Not sure who Maloclm bought the present for...


Dinner's theme was "Ocean Perfumes" so it was mostly seafood. Awesome

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