Monday, 24 December 2012

We Have A New Address

Our new home

The Albanys have found a new home...Club Med Valmorel. The whole family has decided that we do not want to leave...ever. This place is awesome. We got that Disney lovin' feeling that we never received at Disneyland Paris. I don't know where to begin!

The G.O.s are a well oiled machine, friendly and good looking to boot! Wouldn't mind looking at a few more Antonys, Angelos and Sebastians... Check in was super efficient. The resort takes guests in on Sundays for one week stays so this is not a mean feat! As soon as we entered the carpark, we were shown into a bay and our bags unloaded before the car was moved. Once inside, we were warmly welcomed and given refreshments. Another GO then got our keys and took us to our rooms where our suitcases greeted us. The resort only opened last winter so everything is still new and in great condition. It is absolutely stunning and modern, and our interconnecting rooms were no exception. The rooms were small but they were well appointed. It was also nice to have decent wifi!

The fog as we left Provence...

...which fortunately cleared as we nearead the mountains! Malcolm was relieved when the person directing traffic at the bottom of the mountain told him no chains were needed.

Our first glimpse of the resort

The children waiting to get served their mocktail the G.O. called "giraffe"...

...a combination of banana juice, mango juice and some other red juice

The hallway to our room


Coat room and closet



The children's room

Our room

The view from our window
The afternoon was a flurry of registering for various things and exploring the resort. The children were so excited it was difficult to keep them from jumping and running around everywhere so to the kids club we went. We send them their ski gear on the first day and from then on, they children can go in their underclothes and the G.O.s there will get them ready and take them for their ski lessons. No struggling with gloves, beanies and boots. Love it already! As with the previous Club Med we've visited, the children had great facilities. The children have their own area within the resort for their ski lessons. The 4-10 year olds were further divided into 3 groups and each had their own dedicated indoor area.

Registration for ski school for the adults was also quick and easy with multiple ipads ready for employment. From there, we had to be fitted for ski gear. Once again, they have a good system whereby each family is given a number and they call 10 numbers at a time which were visible on all TV screens throughout the resort. This meant that no one had to spend time lining up. Once we picked up our ski gear it was straight onto the children's section where they picked up all the children's ski quipment, labelled them and organised them so no one had to lug anything around. Awesome! The adults got to keep their gear in their locker next to the ski in/out area

Have I mentioned the children were excited?!?! Just got fitted for boots

Skis and helmets next

Found out lockers. Thankfully not too far from the door!

Room numbers on them

Locked and unlocked with our room keys

Children "labelled" with their ski skill levels and we're set!

When we finally found a moment to sat down in the main lounge, I was delighted to discover that not only did we get unlimited hot chocolate, but there was also free flowing coca cola AND cocktails. What more could a girl ask for?! Malcolm and the children decided to go for a swim before dinner. Once again, the pool area was very well thought out and looked stunning. Pick up your towel as you enter where you come to a locker area next to a series of change rooms and toilets. The lockers are locked with a code of that you enter, and unlocked with the same. You then enter a shower area before entering the pool area.

Hot chocolate for the children

Mojito for daddy

The swimming pool overlooing the slopes. It has an outdoor section...brrr

The area with the "Hamam"

Another lounge overlooking the slopes

Waiting for mum and dad to register for ski school

The front of the resort

Could not hold him back any longer
Tea and coffee station

And the all important soft drink dispenser...
Why are we just lounging around in front of the fire?!?!?

When we can go for a swim!

Entrance into the pool from the lockers

Great time to use the pool. Everyone else too busy to join us!

A very high roof in the pool...
Much to the children's dismay, we had to end our swim for dinner. I had expected the buffet are to be like a cafeteria. I was very happy to be proven to be entirely incorrect! The area where the food was served was well set out. Self help sections were arranged in the perimeter of the room with several central areas of made to order meals stations. The food was amazing in quality, quantity and presentation. There was a such a big choice that we were physically unable to taste every different kind of food on offer. Malcolm was very excited to find out that wine and beer were included. Score!

We rolled back to the room. The children zonked out. Malcolm and I took the opportunity to watch Mission Impossible 4 and then slept in preparation for a day on the slopes. Wish me luck!

The children ready to dig in!

Jonah picked up some little entree in a glass, still not sure what it was but he loved it!

So many pretty little appetisers

My favourite dish of the day. Duck and potato

Skatefish with potato cake. Also absolutely delicious

Chocolate mousse

Whole trout and Sirloin steak

The cooking cheese man. He cooks slices of cheese from that big hunk on the contraption...

Then scraps it onto your plate for you

The wonderful dessert table. Every single one of those tarts and flans were different!

The other cheese man

Chocolate fountain was a hit

There were 2 dining areas off the buffet area. We sat in the winter room.

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