Sunday, 30 December 2012

Our Last Day At Valmorel

We all slept in after a very busy 5 days of skiing. It was a relief not to have to get the children to kids club by 830am! The children were very much looking forward to skiing with Daddy. And Daddy was equally keen to validate the children's high assessment of their own skiing abilities...He subsequently discovered that they were telling the truth and could handle the slopes with little difficulty. We were glad that we were able to give them this opportunity to have one week of continuous lessons. It has certainly helped us as adults. Previously only having had one or 2 short lessons at the beginning of ski trips really did not help us learn to ski properly nor improve. I must admit that I did not enjoy the first three days. I was sore, tired and scared! However, I was determined to give it a good go. I needed to know that my dislike was not from poor skills. I was glad that I forced myself to continue as I really did enjoy the last two days.

Another beautiful day to be out skiiing. The ski in and ski out area of the resort

The view from our rooms, one that I will miss

Ready and excited to go skiing with Daddy

I believe she can now ski better than me. Sigh...

The slope turning into the resort where I infamously slid down the steep part  on the right. The children managed. Sigh...

Jonah having a bit of fun in the snow whilst waiting for his siblings
As we had to leave early to ensure that we arrived at Geneva in time for our flight to Venice, we decided to end our skiing just before lunch. The return of skis couldn't be easier. We were told to leave our equipment in our lockers and that they would pick it up for us. It was then time for some shopping, a nap and a swim. We packed, checked in for our flights and enjoyed our last meal at the resort. What a wonderful time we've had here at Club Med Valmorel. It was a great way to end our time in France We're sad to leave but very much looking forward to meeting up with Malcolm's parents tomorrow to begin our Italian adventure.

A trip is never complete without the purchase of merchandise

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