Friday, 14 December 2012

Park Hoppin' Mad

There was much more to see and do today and so breakfast was at 730am sharp. A daily buffet breakfast was included as part of our package and we were treated to a most marvellous spread. The selection was excellent and the quality wonderful. There were cold meats, fruits, hot food, cereals, and a selection of breads and pastries. We polished off our selections and by 8am we had walked through the gates of Disneyland heading into Fantasyland. We were one of a select few dedicated enough or perhaps dumb enough to be there that early. Unfortunately some rides that were meant to be open were still closed and being tested, such as Dumbo,  and it was very, very cold. Just after 9am, we retreated into Salon Mickey to thaw ourselves and for our morning snack of hot chocolate and pastries. The plan was to be at the ropes into Frontierland at 10am for Phantom Manor. Unfortunately, when the time came, the ride was still closed. The CM did not seem too happy to be there to answer any questions. Fortunately for him and for us, the ride was opened not too long after.

Dwarves on the mirror

Lara had great joy from making multiple trips to the buffet station

Inspecting the jam selection

An empty Main Street early in the morning

Pretty details everywhere you look

The toilet signs for Sleeping Beauty's Castle. King Stephan! What great detailing

Fantasyland also beautifully detailed

Once again empty rides!

One of my favourite statues

This could partially explain the low crowds at 8am. More frozen than the day before!

Our first merchandise purchase!

Inside of Salon Mickey
Amazingly themed

Malcolm had organised today to ensure that we see the major highlights which we hadn't seen. We wanted tomorrow to be a more relaxing day so that we, okay I, had time to shop. This saw us park hopping to Walt Disney Studios to catch Cinemagique. We loved it! It was a well put together montage as a tribute to cinema. The rest of the day was a crazy affair of walking back and forth.
Lunch was at the Blue Lagoon with the Pirates of The Caribbean ride at Disneyland. The children's meals were excellent. The salmon was tasty and well cooked. It was a healthy meal, served with rice, panfried vegetables as  well as salad. Dessert was a generous and delicious panna cotta with berry coulis. The adults entree ws good but the main was only average. This was partly my fault for ordering the mahi mahi. Common sense should have told me that this was a not produce that would be available fresh. The creme brulee though was absolutely divine. The extra 15% discount with the shareholders card has been an absolute godsend. 

After lunch we went back to wandering around Walt Disney Studios where we went on our first roller coaster ride as a family. Crush's Coaster received the honour. Jonah just barely made the height limit. It was a roller coaster where we sit in a spinning turtle shell. Jonah loved it, Lara wasn't so sure, but no one cried. Hurray! Cars Quatre Roues Rallye AKA "Lightning McQueen ride" was a hit with the children who went on it several times. We were also treated to another wonderful show at Animagique. We stayed at the Studios  until closing time and then headed back to Disneyland for Disney Dreams.

By this stage, tiny feet had covered a lot of distance and our big lunch had well and truly been digested. Finding a good vantage point seemed secondary to finding a spot where we could feed the children and be relatively comfortable. We still had a decent view which was mostly unobstructed. We munched on our hotdogs purchased from Casey's corner trying hard to ignore the cigarette smoke that blew our way. We thought we were safe standing next to a family with two young children. We were wrong! How anyone could smoke in the presence of their child in this day and age of information about the dangers of smoking and passive smoking is beyond me.

Disney Dreams was a production designed as part of the 20th anniversary celebrations. Disney being the master of great musical arrangement and timing, made full and creative use of the stunning castle as a background for a series of projections to produce a beautiful show. There was one thing bugging me. The star at the top of the castle radiated laser beams at regular intervals, however there was one ray missing or non functional! After kicking my obsessive compulsive thoughts to one side, I did enjoy the show!

First day at the Studios

Brings back good memories of the 'other' Brown Derby at the 'other park'

The closest I'll get to a Carsland for a whilte...

Lightning and Mater covered in frost

A ride which made everyone very happy

This show still amazes me everytime I watch it

Look who came to visit

Lightning McQueen!

Back to Disneyland for lunch

Too dark inside for photography but this was a good entree!

Had to fight the children off from touching my Creme Brulee


  1. Cinemagique was certainly a highlight, but Flash McQueen's appearance at Moteurs Action was a disappointment. I don't think he moved faster than about walking pace.

  2. Yeah, Lightning didn't do much at all. But the sight of him was enough for Jonah!