Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Cinque Terre

It was a long travel day today and so this post will be very short. Our train from Venice departed on time but somehow managed to be 19 minutes late by the time we reached Firenze SMN. We had to run to our next train and only just made it on. My mother's bag was clipped by train doors yet again! The regional train to La Spezia was full and the journey was highly agitating on account of 3 very selfish travelers who placed their suitcases and carry ons on 3 extra seats and in such a way that it blocked a 4th seat! On a train that was packed and on a journey over 2 hours long, this was not on. No one owned up to my enquiry of who owned the bags until the train emptied out 30 minutes later. They belonged to the American tourists who were right next to me when I originally asked who owned the bags. I was about to move the bags to one side when my mother asked me not to pick a fight as one of the males was over 6 feet tall. Arghh!

Our first train. Frecciargento from Venice to Florence

Our first 2 hours were in comfort from the free mini bar of our previous hotel

Second train not so. This is not on!!! I had to step over the bags to sit down and may have "accidentally" stepped on the carry on. Oops. 

Our last and final train from La Spezia to Vernazza!

The day was hot and the Cinque Terre towns were full of tourists as expected. Although check in to our Vernazza apartment rental was smooth, my mother was dismayed to find a steep 4 flights climb to our quarters. We walked down to the water to have a look see and to get some gelato and provisions.
We last came here 7 years ago with the family for a lightning quick shore excursion from La Spezia on a Disney Magic Mediterranean cruise. It certainly was a different experience coming at a different time of the year! We bought our 5T card in preparation for tomorrow's hike and retreated to the comfort of our a/c room. Yes we're wusses I know...

Our terrace

Beautiful Vernazza

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