Monday, 10 July 2017

Rest in Rome

I'm afraid today's post will be rather boring. My PMLE (polymorphic light eruption or fancy term for sun rash) has progressively worsened with the continued sun exposure which unfortunately had me looking like I had permanent severe goosebumps all over. My mother also didn't want to walk too much any more. With that, we had to cancel my plan to do a foodie walking tour of Trastevere which was rather disappointing. Oh well I suppose it gives me a reason to return to Rome. It probably was also  a good opportunity to catch up on some rest as it will be straight back to work on landing in Sydney. So let's enjoy the good life now!

Trevi Fountain not in action

We did a short stroll to shop in the nearby streets and walked past the Trevi fountain which was being cleaned/renovated. No coin toss for us. I don't remember if I coin tossed last trip...but I'm here now! With great shame, I have to admit that we lunched at McDonald's. We were back in the hotel shortly post lunch to avoid the sun and heat. A nap, a book at the hotel lounge followed by a quick dinner ain't too bad in my books.

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  1. You went from foodie walking tour to Macca's?!!! Bad Oma!!!