Friday, 7 July 2017

Sun, Sea & Songs

Our last full day in Cinque Terre was dedicated to relax and enjoy our surrounds. So the post will be rather short! A sleep in. A late breakfast. A morning swim. And then lunch at the restaurant where we ate 7 years ago.
Our morning swim

Same place we ate 7 years ago!

Trofie, the local pasta

Cannelleni bean salad

I had messaged Arba Boat earlier about a "Caves Tour" which included swimming stops at 30 Euros per person. Unfortunately that was not going to run as we were the only 2 interested (Really?!!). Instead Jacobbe offered us private use of a guided motor boat for 40 Euros each. Deal!

He took us to the many small caves dotted around the region where we were able to swim or stop at our own timing. The water was crystal clear, cool and refreshing in the heat. Best of all, there was no one else around us and we did not have to contend with pebbly beaches. It was also a good opportunity to look at the villages from the sea. Jacobbe was born and bred in Vernazza, one of only 320 according to him. His friendly nature made the swimming trip quite enjoyable as he talked about the Cinque Terre and how it is not being maintained/upgraded as he would like. Listening to his personal account of how devastating the mudslide of 2011 was made the event that much more real and tangible.

Pulling up to the first caves

We've found our swimming spot

Looking up at Corniglia from the water

Very soon, we arrived back at Vernazza where an afternoon nap beckoned. It was nice not to rush. We bought tickets to watch Opera at the local church, a great way to end our stay in Vernazza.

Opera in the evening

Not sure how they got the grand piano up all those narrow stairs & alleys...

Opera time

Over and out from Vernazza!

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