Monday, 3 July 2017

Pavia Day 2

Today was allocated a day of rest and recharge with only minimal sightseeing and maximum piazza time. We strolled through the campus of the University of Pavia which was established in 1361. The only notable alumni whose name I recognised was the physicist Volta. Although that doesn't mean much as my knowledge of famous notable people would be sketchy at best...

Our morning wanders took us back to the Piazza della Vittoria which had become our favourite hangout. Our extended lunch, coffee and gelato break was much needed as the day heated up. We sought refuge from the late afternoon sun in the apartment with a snooze. This could easily become a bad habit!

Our day ended with a return to our piazza for dinner before heading back to the apartment to pack. Final thoughts on Pavia - It has certainly been a wonderful experience. Whilst there were tourists around, they were few and far between. It was nice to see young children, families, university students and other residents going about their daily lives. Equally nice was to have the time to slow down and not have to hit tourist attractions. On the move tomorrow and on to tourist haven Venice!

Castello Visconteo, a 14th century castle

Teatro Fraschini

At the University of Pavia

Campus grounds

Yay! Back to the piazza

Today's choice of lunch

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