Saturday, 8 July 2017


St Peter's Basilica, still as breath taking as the first time I saw it

The trains ran on time today! We took the cheaper option of a non-express train for a 4 hour journey to Rome. Our base in Rome was the relatively new Rome Glam Hotel, part of the same chain of Hotels to which the Venice Times Hotel also belonged to. Our room was spacious by European standards with a King bed and new modern fittings. Oma was delighted that the hotel was on one of the shopping streets in Rome and I believe I have worked my way back into her good books. She shopped without restrictions for a good hour (I may have partaken as well...) before we had to make our way to the Vatican.

Some shopping may have happened today...

You would think we would have been able to cope with the heat coming from Australia but we both struggled and so a taxi it was to St Peter's Cathedral. Unfortunately there was no escaping standing under the oppressive sun as we lined up to go through security to enter the Cathedral. The respite once in was greatly appreciated. It was a matter of waiting for the 5pm mass at the main altar where the girls would sing the liturgy. St Peter's even having seen it a few times remained impressive. The scale was mind boggling. Hearing the girls sing at such a an important Christian landmark was a privilege indeed.

Well done Lara!

Pymble Chorale. Well done girls! 

Today was the day that we finally succumbed...and had chinese food! At Mr Chow's! Despite my initial eye rolls, I had to admit it was nice to eat fried rice and Asian braised beef. I just hope my mother never reads my blog...

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