Thursday, 6 October 2011


Another day, another national park. Today was Badlands day. But first we had an important stop to make...Wall Drug. As the name suggests, it started off as a drug store in a small town called Wall. Today it is one of the most visited American roadside attractions. It was a fun morning browsing through big complex. We took a lot longer than expected! We decided to have lunch at the cafe. The call of the 5 cent coffee was too strong. Resistance was futile. The highlight of the meal was the blueberry pie and pumpkin pie. Delicious! It went too quickly, no time to take photos or I would have missed out!

A very BIG drug store

Inside the store

Oma had found herself a cowboy

A very narrow chapel for travellers

What is that?!?!

The cafe filled with Western art

5 cent coffee

Our cowboy boots! Yeehaw!

As a consequence, we arrived at Badlands National Park right in the heat of the day. And boy was it was hot. It was also very windy which didn't make it very pleasant. Once again, the scenery was vastly different to the others we've been to. It was almost alien. We did as many of the shorter walks as we could. Following that, we sought refuge from the heat at the Visitor Centre which had informative displays and a short movie which we could watch. From there it was onto our hotel at Hot Springs, dinner and then a quick dip in the hotel pool. As an aside, this was Jonah's prayer before bed, "Dear God, thank you for the food we got, but not for breakfast I think. Ooh...I did a fart! Umm...Amen."

Badlands National Park

Could pass for an alien landscape

It was bright, sunny, windy and hot

We spotted this little fellow and wondered how he survives in this environment. He would have been no more than 5cm long.

Dinner was...chinese. Surprise!


  1. I think Jonah & Sam can compete for most ridiculous prayers. Happy birthday to the little guy! Should be a package waiting for him at DL. Hope it fits - he looks like he's growing fast! BTW can't see well on my phone but is your dad wearing socks with crocs...?

  2. Thanks sn0apple! We had a great day today. Simple birthday celebration. As for socks with crocs...I have to admit that I am guilty of putting my children in them! In answer to your question, no he isn't. He just steps on the heels of those particular pair of shoes so it looks like clogs.

  3. Wow, Chinese food in South Dakota. I shutter to think what that's like. At least you only have a few days left before going to DL and can hit up more authentic places along Bolsa Avenue near Anaheim.