Saturday, 8 October 2011

C'mon Down To Colorado!

We bid farewell to Wyoming and said hello to Colorado!

We had to abandon our plan of visiting Rocky Mountain National Park. Many of the roads were closed due to the weather conditions. We decided to take the safe option and drove through an alternative route through Medicine Bow and Routt National Forests. The scenery changed before our eyes as we traveled through the mountains. We can see why the National Park roads were closed. Even though it was in the middle of the day, there was still visible snow on the trees and on the sides of the roads that we were driving on. The car's thermometer read the outside air temperature to be 0 degrees. I won't even try to describe the scenery that unfolded in front of us with my poor vocabulary, you will have to live with my photography skills...(suffice to sayt it involved lots of fir trees, snow and moose)

Cowboy Jonah, about to leave our Wyoming hotel. Boots courtesy of Nanna and Grandpa, shirt courtesy of Oma and Opa

The snow that we can see as we drive

Our first glimpse of Steamboat Springs

The exclusion of Rocky Mountain National Park meant that we could push through the three hour drive. We arrived in Steamboat Springs for lunch. We had not been to a Wendy's yet the whole trip and so that's where we stopped. Although we were disappointed about missing out on the National Park, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Our early arrival allowed us the opportunity to visit the hot springs. We decided to make hay while the sun shines. We were warned that they like to keep the springs "natural". Facilities were minimal, and bathing suits were optional once the sun goes down. We made haste!

Moose! Yay!!! Another box ticked...

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Lunch stop

Scenery along the way

Beautiful fall colours, unfortunately taken through the windows

Looking back towards Steamboat Springs from the Strawberry Park Hot Springs

The ski runs visible with snow on it

I spotted my dream house...

The Strawberry Park hot springs was a series of pools filled with 104 degree (F) mineral water. Malcolm was in his element. He got to live his dream, to pretend to be a snow monkey. Unfortunately, I was unable to take photos of this momentous occasion as I was too busy getting an hour long watsu massage in my own private pool. It was a bizarre mix of massage and physiotherapy whilst floating in a warm bath of mineral water, but relaxing nonetheless.

Beware the calm looking river running through the middle. The water in there was NOT warm...

The source

Stripping in 6 degrees celcius

Ahhh...oh so warm!

Relaxed after the hour long massage

After our warm bath, we hit the town. Steamboat Springs is a ski town. The storm the previous night had brought in the first snow of the season. Steamboat Springs also appear to have a strong art community. We spotted numerous art galleries along the main street. We had arrived on the first Friday opening of the Art Walk. The streets were bustling with people. The Albany luck appear to be infallible. We were advised that the best food in town is BBQ, and we were directed to a particular smokehouse. This time around, we ordered wisely and enjoyed the excellent food without stuffing ourselves. The bill only came to $59. I love the USA!

An excellent dinner recommendation

Everything is still very western

Deep fried Okra. Oh so yummy!

Angel wings for the children

Special of the day: Deep fried catfish with sweet potato fries and spinach. Amazing dish. 

"Pork yourself" -  pork three ways

Devil wings for the adults

Even the restaurants were filled with artwork

Got here at the right time!

More shopping

Matching hats for grandfather and grandson

Jonah has not had enough of horses yet

Post dinner stop

Very excited children served by the friendliest shopkeeper

Arghhh!!! Which one to have?!?!? Milk chocolate tiramisu truffle it is

Other interesting items

Very artistic and beautiful bus stop signs

Ornate street benches

The children having a blast


  1. When do you do your blogs? How come you can get your photos & blogs done before we've even started working on ours... and we're on the east coast?

  2. hehehehe...let's see. Remember our kids probably sleep earlier than the Padawan. I am not very fussy about which photos go on the blog, they go mostly as they are out of the camera, and I write fast! Oh and don't forget we're on mountain time not west coast time.