Sunday, 9 October 2011

R & R

We were glad of the opportunity to have a "slow" day today. What better way to spend a snowy morning than to shop at Walmart as a family. Why is it that the shops here hold more interesting merchandise at great prices?!?!? We somehow managed to drop $145. Goodness knows how much my parents spent...

Elliot convinced that his "cowboy costume" would keep him warm. It was -2 degrees outside and snowing.

Lunch was at subway. They had a anytober special where footlongs were only $5. It would have been a healthy affair except for the funnel cake sundae and the churros sundae that followed. We attempted to work off the fat with some good old ten-pin bowling. One day, we will have to tell the children that their Mum and Dad used to own their own bowling shoes...Our bowling fun was followed by some...shock reading and nap time at the hotel! We were punished for this lapse of intensity at dinner where we had to cook our own steaks. Malcolm was not impressed. He went to a steakhouse so someone else could cook his steak for him. They were good steaks though and cooked to perfection!

Our bowling shoes
We cherished this simple rest day as a family as we travel back west in preparation for our upcoming 3-day Disney madness. The gem for today was a conversation with Jonah at dinner.

M: Jonah, you know that if you want to meet Buzz, you can't scream when you see him
J: I'm not scared anymore Mum, I'm a superhero.
M: Oh! Which superhero?
J: A chicken (and then breaks out in song). Its a small world after all. Its a small world after all.

3 more sleeps!

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    at least it's better than Psycho Chicken, (cas que cest Fa Fa fa fa fa, fa fa fa fa fa - run run run run run run away)