Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Goodbye Utah Hello California

Today was another travel day. We left Vernal late thanks to a tantrum by a certain little person. We drove towards Salt Lake City via their Olympic site and ski fields which already had some snow on them. It is incredible how close they are to the city itself! We spent the last hour at Salt Lake City at Sears where more purchases were made.

We returned our car, got our money back for the tyre replacement, and was shuttled off to the airport. Check in was quick and easy as was security. We were glad to find out that children under 12 no longer have to take their shoes or belts off! We opted for Italian for as part of our daily intestinal grease up. Salt Lake City Airport is clean and pleasant with free wi-fi. It was much nicer than LAX, but that is not hard to do!

The flight was uneventful as was the car pick up. The drive however, was a little hairy. We were used to Montana traffic, where everyone drove slowly and gave way. Being in LA was much like driving in Sydney. We have now checked into the Grand Californian Hotel. Walking through the doors and into the lobby made me feel so happy! We are in a ground floor 2 bedroom villa which is HUGE! I am so excited that I can't sit still and organise my thoughts. That may also be due to the fact that it is now 1:22am!  I promise to post more photos of our villa tomorrow.

A street sign has never made me so happy


We even have a 3rd bathroom

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  1. With the toilet seat up.........hmmmmmmm....

    Glad you're there safe and sound and that you got all checked in. Pretty cool huh!

    Have a great time with Mickey :-)