Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Mount Rushmore

The whole family have been de-loused, two loads of laundry have gone through and I am sitting here completely exhausted. So a short update this will be!

We made it to Sheridan safely by about 10pm last night. It was hard driving with no street lights on the Interstate. One of our rooms had not been cleaned. The staff were apologetic, gave us another room right next door immediately and halved our bill. We were too tired to argue. Everyone slept in this morning and so we had to forgo the walking tour of Sheridan and continued on our way towards Devils Tower. We had to make good use of our National Parks Annual pass. We now also have to watch Close Encounters of the Third Kind upon discovering that it was filmed at the site.

Devils Tower

We had ground to make so we pushed on to Mount Rushmore, one of the main reasons for this trip. It was a monument that my mother really wanted to see. We made it there by 4pm, had our photo taken with Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln, did some obligatory shopping and drove to Keystone. There is no doubt that Keystone is a tourist town. The street was lined with shops selling mostly the same things, all geared towards tourists. It was the kind of thing that my parents loved! We had dinner at Ruby's Restaurant which was generous but average. Everyone was still tired from yesterdays events and was keen to get to our hotel. We had moment of panic when the hotel told us that they only had one room. They were about to send us to another place free of charge when they realised that they had made a mistake and did have 2 rooms for us after all. The irony was that we were the priority club member of the day! We were given a bag of chocolates and drinks. Yippee!


Mount Rushmore

We made it!

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