Saturday, 29 September 2012

KFC Anyone?

Today was the designated boating excursion day to the fish markets. Jonah had slept from 3:45pm yesterday right through until 6am this morning, so the rest of the family were up shortly after. The children were excited and looking forward to fishing afterwards and so were on their best behaviour! A quick breakfast, followed by piano practice and we were all ready for breakfast round 2 at 9am. So yoghurt and fruit it was.

We picked up Poppy, waited for Natasha and drove towards Nanna and Grandpa's at 10am. With the arrival of the Yeohs, we hopped onboard. Unfortunately, the wind that was blowing picked up just as we cast off. Despite the engines running, the gusts literally blew the boat into the pier which gashed a hole into the side of the boat. Poor Grandpa was devastated, he thought he had ruined everyone's day. Looking on the bright side, the insurance will cover the bill to fix the damage and the boat was due to be slipped anyway. That didn't console Grandpa much though.

A child who is a homing beacon for anything dirty...

Natasha, a colleague from my previous company

Walking down the pier, the one next to Natasha is where the great tragedy occurred!

Nanna and Grandpa's boat

Getting the boat ready

Arrival of important dignitaries

Jonah is ready!

Children blissfully unaware of happenings outside...
We trooped up to the apartment for a change of lunch plans. Emergency KFC came in handy which made Poppy very happy (his favourite chicken dish). Some lovely wine helped Grandpa feel better. It didn't take him long to return to his happy self. It was a leisurely afternoon of lunch, followed by pumpkin pie, a spot of tennis, watching some of the AFL grand final, and finally heading home. Perhaps not what we had planned but still filled with fun.

We made some pizzas at home for dinner and the children crashed not long after. It will shortly be bedtime for the adults as we have another big day tomorrow!

Lara, now aware that I blog, wanted a photo of her hair taken and recorded

Home made pizzas

Content with a different kind of water activity

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