Friday, 4 March 2011

Jan 11 - Serene At Sea

Breakfast at Triton's was always a delight. We made the most of the full table service on sea days when we had the luxury of sleep-ins and lazy mornings. There must be something addictive in the belgian waffles...

Sharon and I ditched the two little boys in Flounders screaming but they soon settled. We never did receive the phone call to come and collect them. For a few brief moments, we were lost not knowing what to do with ourselves. Then we slapped some sense into ourselves. Malcolm had his heart set on the pingpong tournament and pleaded for me to be "the good wife", that is to serve and hit the balls back so he can practice various aspects of his game. He somehow manged to gather a personal cheer squad. Mei Simon, Sharon, Jason and Ethel came to do the rah rah. Unfortuntely, the ping pong tournament was cancelled due to lack of interest! Mal and Jason got themselves a free DCL cap each for their time.

Jonah throwing a tantrum and Sam watching in amusement

Malcolm had to be content playing with Jason. The competition were a no-show...
Sharon and I took the opportunity to do some shopping! We bought ourselves a DCL Panama Canal pin. We later learnt that there were commemorative pins for each port that had sold out within hours of release. People had lined up for hours just to purchase them. We were in awe of their dedication and wondered why Disney didn't make more. Surely more pins sold meant more money for Disney?

To kill time before our next planned activity, we attended the "How to have a facelift without surgery" talk. The beautician was shocked that we all didn't exfoliate. We felt like we had commited the worst sin ever in the whole wide world. We were too afraid to admit that we didn't know what toning meant either...

We met up with the other adults at the Walt Disney Theater for Disney's Voice Animation presentation with Dave Bossert and Kat Cressida. The content was interesting once we got past the guest speakers talking about themselves! As with all things Disney, everything you hear that needs a voice has been planned in great detail and has a distinct purpose. At the end of the presentation, they gave the audience a change to have a go at voice overs. We suspected that the first guy desperately wanted to be discovered. He had sat in the front row and was actively asking questions throughout. His voice also sounded semi-professional. The 2nd volunteer unfortunately sounded woeful! Especially taking into consideration the quality of the first volunteer. I am sure everyone secrely thought that she was rather brave to volunteer...but good on her for giving it a go with absolutely no shame!

Kat Cressida
All good things had to come to an end. Sharon and I conceded the end of our free time and picked up the little boys. We headed for lunch at BBB where there was an Asian menu!!! My excitement turned to panic when I discovered that I had lost my wavephone, left inside the loo outside the WD Theatre. I wasn't keen on surrendering $250...Thank goodness for Disney magic, by the time I returned to my room, it had been returned, sitting in the charger ready to be used. Phew! There was no better way to ease my stressful day thus far than with an afternoon nap. So I snuggled next to Jonah for a snooze...

We awoke recharged and ready for our poolside ice-creams, fries, and fruit. The swim was a bonus. While we munched, we watched Aladdin on the Ariel view television. It was a tough way to spend the afternoon. We had to release our poolside spot to go to the show dinner at Animator's Palate. The specially built restaurant slowly changed throughout the courses from black and white into colour. It finished with a special visit from sorcerer Mickey which was a highlight for the children.

Squeezing into the spa

The now colourful Animator's Palate

And the wait staff's uniform changed to match!
Our entertainment tonight came in the form of Los Pampas Gouchos, a trio from Argentina who performed dances and flashed multiple instruments around including a whip. What started out as a rather dubious show slowly built up to become quite enjoyable. They were hilarious! The leader with the crazy eyes, wild hair and psychotic look truly was the star. Andrew and Elliot were chosen again to be up on stage much to their delight! Elliot didn't seem to care that he was already in his least they were Disney ones! I retired straight after the show. We had yet another early start the next day for our voyage across the Panama Canal.

Taking up our usual spots near the stage!

The boys about to get the flowers in their hands cut by the whip

Los Pampas Gauchos

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