Monday, 14 March 2011

Jan 19 - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

We woke up to the most beautiful view of Cabo San Lucas! Along with the Parsons and the Kohs, we made it in time to board the first tender off the ship. As we pulled into the marina and walked off the tender, we were confronted with an endless number of tour operators spruiking their services. We bargained our way to our glass-bottomed boat for our morning expedition to the famous Land's end. Daniel was our guide for the morning. The view looking out of the boat towards Land's End was spectacular... sea lions, rock formations, uninhabited beaches... but the kids were transfixed by the semiopaque "glass" bottom of the boat which revealed the occasional white fish. It was only when the barking of an entire sea lion colony and the squarking of all the pelicans started to compete with their volume that they looked up and finally became excited about that too. The real excitement, however, was yet to come.

A view of Land's End from our balcony at dawn

Wake up sleepy heads, we have a tender to catch!
The tender process
The Statendam, also moored at Cabo San Lucas for the day
Looking back at the Wonder
Views coming into the marina
On the glass bottom boat...oh so sunny!
Enjoying their life vests
Spectacular rock formations
Secluded beaches
Abundant wildlife

Daniel dropped us off at Medano Beach, a haven of beach side activities, busy cafes and luxurious beach front resorts. Eight Albanys and Kohs bravely donned life jackets, handed over valuables and excess offspring and jumped on a slippery inflatable banana. We managed to communicate to the speedboat driver that thumbs up meant go faster and thumbs down meant slow down. The boys and girls had very different ideas about what they should be doing with their hands. The speed and spray had us all squealing but a little too dry for the driver's liking. With an evil grin he hung it to the left with venom and tipped us all in to the frigidly cold waters to be eaten by sea lions. Just as we were all about to be submerged we heard the familiar warcry from the Koh boy, "Awesome!". The girls watched us from the back of the speedboat for the rest of the trip.

Give me one of those!!!

Medano Beach, you can just see our afternoon hang out on the left
We spent the rest of the morning at "The Office", a restaurant made up of a multitude of umbrellas set up so close together by the beach front that they formed a "roof" and provided the much needed shade. We indulged ourselves with smoothies, and corn chips with salsa and guacamole. Daniel picked us up right on time and too us back to the marina. We wondered around the shops at the port. With the Statendam at port as well, it was busy and full of atmosphere. We decided to head back to the ship for lunch. We showered the sand and salt water off everyone and dropped the children at the kids club. It was bliss to be able to enjoy ice-cream on pool deck and watched the ship sail away from the port.

As we went for dinner, I realised that I had left my camera up on dec! Doh. I frantically went back up to search in vain. My faith in human kind and Disney magic was rewareded with the appearance of my camera at Guest services before the end of dinner! All decked out for our last formal night, we took up our seats at the Walt Disney Theatres for the much anticipated award winning show, Disney Dreams. It was awesome! As always, the music, the set changes, the costumes, the details were all phenomenal. It was a show I could watch over and over again. I took the opportunity to some last minute shopping and went to bed feeling very happy. What a wonderful day!

The girls never fail to love dressing up
The poor child pushed to exhaustion again...
The award winning Disney Dreams

Cinderella about to be transformed!
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!
The Little Mermaid singing Part Of Your World with the most beautiful harmony I've ever heard
Look at her gorgeous gown!

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