Sunday, 13 March 2011

Jan 16 - Pirates In The Caribbean

The downside of not having the children with us last evening was a 7am pick up time from the sleep over! Malcolm thankfully volunteered and we headed for BBB together for breakfast to listen to their exciting overnight adventures. Elliot had really made the most of his freedom and stayed up until 3am which we weren’t too happy about! We went back to the room after breakfast and he fell asleep straight away.
With Jonah at the nursery, we had the opportunity to revisit shuffle board. Alas it became apparent that my previous success was all beginners’ luck, for my game today was a disaster! I retreated to the known familiarity of board games. When our company deserted us at Diversions, the die hards (Sharon, Malcolm and I) continued on with playing Carcassonne on ipad. We had roads to build and cities to conquer...I emerged triumphant!
We went back to BBB's for lunch. The plan to rest with Jonah did not eventuate as he refused to sleep. I took a shower instead to run away for a few minutes from the frustration that is Jonah! Sharon, bless her soul, had tidied up the room over night in preparation for the DISboards room tour. Passengers in various categories open up their rooms so the rest of us can get an idea of what each category is really like in real life. A schedule was set up such as the tour started from the lower decks and then moved up. People trooped in to our room in dribs and drabs over the course of the afternoon. When it looked like most had gone through, we locked up and headed up to deck 8 to see the category 4 which sleeps 5 as well the suites. We were very fortunate to have people generous enough to open up their rooms in Categories 1 through 3. I was most looking forward to step into the Roy O Disney Suite and it didn’t disappoint. What a magnificent room. The details and beauty of the furnishings was just lovely. And the storage space...
No competition for the oh so intense Parsons!

Malcolm and I then went to the pool deck for what was now becoming a routine of afternoon snacking. Fries, pretzel and soft serve never fail to satisfy. Unfortunately, there were no cinnamon pretzels left so we had to be content with plain salted ones. We finished the afternoon with another quick game of Carcassonne and got dressed for pirate night. I think the photos can speak for themselves...
Jack Sparrow

Our servers in pirate gear too
Err...Jonah I don't think that's where the patch is meant to go

One cannot leave home without one's parrot
All dressed up!
Even the parents!
A visitor at dinner

Holding the captain captive!
The cruise director's fabulous costume
Another lavish Disney stage production

Time for a deck party

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