Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Jan 15 - Characters at sea

Today was our turn for Character Breakfast at Parrot Cay. I was amazed by the children’s unending love for all the characters. Each time one came towards them, they would shriek and clap as if they were meeting the character for the first time! I felt almost sorry for the characters having to be mobbed by the children...

Character breakfast!

Pluto's turn

Minnie was charming as always

Dale was a hit!

The morning passed by quickly with coffee, ping pong and shuffleboard. I’m not sure how, but I managed to crush Wayne with a final score of 19-0. Call it beginner’s luck, or perhaps it was a deliberate plot to let me win...We were given a lithograph by DCL designed by Ducky Williams to commemorate the Wonder’s passage across the Panama Canal. Various cabins were allocated specific times for Ducky to autograph their lithograph. It took me 40 minutes to get mine signed but a worthy investment of time I feel!

After our lunch at BBB, I napped with Jonah and nearly slept in! I had to leave the sleeping Prince with Sharon and Samuel as we had to attend Ariel's Princess Tea Party. It was a little girl’s dream. Each family was welcomed into Triton’s with great pomp and circumstance. Each child was also given a crown and a sash. The food was fairly simple with a selection of cakes, sandwiches and tea. However, I think this played a second fiddle to the array of Princesses and their friends who arrived in due course. There was no better way to meet characters than a Disney ship!

I was really looking forward to my treat at the Spa that afternoon. The group had generously organised a Swedish massage to express their gratitude. I felt very special indeed. It put me in a great frame of mind for semi-formal night that evening. We managed to put both babies in Flounders that evening which meant that Sharon had a very rare child free evening! We were treated to a great concert by Susan Egan, the original Belle on Broadway and the voice of Meg in Hercules. What a fabulous voice! She was so full of charm and had such amazing presence on stage. I was enthralled.

The girls all ready to attend the Princess tea party

The beautiful mosaic wall inside Triton's

A family being welcomed in

The three kings

Enjoying a drink with Daddy poolside

Ducky Williams autographing Lithographs

The Disney service, chopping up food for Lara whilst entertaining at the same time

The boys ever so handsome when in shirts!

The wonderfully talented Susan Egan
We adjourned to the Cadillac lounge for some Martinis on the Parsons. The gentle piano music and the twinkling lights were a lovely way to end the evening. As the older children were having a sleep over at the kids club, Malcolm and I could actually sleep in the same room. Unfortunately, we still had Jonah between us...

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