Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Jan 13 - Bingo!

I started off the day with The Little Mermaid's Morning at Triton's. On sea days, It had become a routine to drop the little ones at Flounder's as soon as it opened at 9am. Today was no exception. We had Bingo to attend! What an experience...it really was something that was not for the faint hearted. It was almost as if everyone was high on sugar! It was hilarious. We managed to get caught up in the hype and started to believe that it was going to be us winning the prize next. We missed out on the spa raffle and ALL the prizes. Bugger. We could see how easy it was for people to get addicted. We deserted the Bingo sceme and tried our hand at boardgames instead. As usual, time flew when you were having fun and it was time to pick up the children for lunch.

I think the adults enjoyed Oceaneer's Lab more than the children...

Electronic Bingo! The machine does it all for you. All you have to do is to shout out Bingo when it tells you to...

Alternatively, you can stick to the traditional way which requires more skills of course.

Jason got in touch with his feminine side and took his girls to origami
After lunch, Lara surprisingly chose to stay with us rather going back to the kids club. We were so delighted. However, that wonderful feeling did not last too long. Our attempt to nap in her presence was virtually impossible!
"Mum, just in case you can't find me, I'm in the toilet. So don't worry."
"What time do you want me to wake you up again?!!"
"Can I watch TV now?"

More boardgames were in order at 230pm. I took Lara up on deck to get her hair braided into corn rows. We missed out on our last cruise as the pace was so hectic. I then took the opportunity to take photos around the ship while children swam in pool.

Patiently waiting for her hair to get done


Amazing cloud scape

Jonah enjoying the pool

Say no more...

A most welcoming sign directing us to our gaming spot

The chandelier of the Wonder

Route 66

Ariel in front of Triton's
Our entertainment that evening came in the form of Seymour and Alfred, an American comedy duo. Their self-depracating humour was hilarious. They were also unafraid to pick on the ship and the captain, until they caught sight of the captain watching the show from the entrance! This was followed by "Toy Story The Musical", another amazing Disney stage production. Once again, the costumes, music, sets as well as set changes were phenomenal.

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