Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Jan 14 - Costa Rica

We docked nice and early at Puntarenas, Costa Rica on yet another beautiful sunny day! Today we were about to embark on our very first DCL run port excursion visiting the Rainforest Aerial Tram.
This was the first time that Disney had visited this port and unfortunately it was obvious. We were dismayed to find bus loads of people at our destination. There were 2 other cruise ships at port and it appeared that the excursions offered were rather similar....
The site was over-crowded, and poorly organised. It was just impossible to run any tourist attraction smoothly with so many people in the same place at the same time. This was a shame as lunch was actually quite good and the rainforest and the aerial tram were a lot of fun. The Costa Ricans were also a very warm, friendly and happy bunch! Having to wait in very long lines for everything though was horrendous with the horrible humidity and heat. The wildlife we saw were in abundance. They included a macaw, a toucan, vultures, white faced kapuchin monkeys, as well as crocodiles in the river.
Malcolm does not do humidity well so I was glad to get him back on the ship...Even though our port visit was relatively short, I felt so tired. Perhaps the humidity did take its toll on me after all. I skipped the Ricky Kalmon hynotism show and went straight to bed, comforted by the knowledge that tomorrow would be another relaxing sea day.
View of Puntarenas from the ship

Jonah all set to go!
Getting ready to board our bus

Crocodiles lining the river
Already waiting...before we even started
Still fresh before our walk!
Kenneth, our guide, giving us a run down on the various plants
Heat and humidity starting to take its toll

Where we had lunch

The aerial tram taking us right into the rainforest

Some of the fauna we saw
Can you spot the Macaw?


So glad to see the ship again!
Goodbye Costa Rica!

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