Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Jan 20 - Our Last Day At Sea

Malcolm and I moped about the whole day today. We were depressed. We don't do the end of holidays too well. Today was our last day at sea. Tomorrow we head home. As we closed in on Los Angeles, the weather had turned cold. This necessitated jeans which I discovered had become a rather snug fit...I made the most of our last buffet breakfast and savoured the ability to have breakfast without having to make it myself. I am going to miss Triton's and BBB immensely.

I tried to start packing with little success. My heart was just not in it. I decided to finalise our photo purchases instead. Having completed this, I went back to the stateroom for my second attempt at packing. I was saved by my need to pick up Jonah for some lunch. This short interlude was much appreciated before I had to pack some more. We took another breack and watched the children do their little show on stage. Even though we had seen the same show on the Magic, it was still so special to see the excitement and joy on the children's faces to be up on stage. We packed some more and then had dinner. Our servers had saved us the menu from the Panama Canal crossing and had written little messages on it for us. It was so sweet! We took the opportunity to give them our tips. We finalised our accounts, filled in our comment cards and let Elliot swap a pin with a cast member. And then it was straight back to the room to complete the task. Yes we had a lot to pack! Being spread across two cabins and having sleeping toddlers didn't make the job any easier. The deed was finally done and we could go to bed.

Our last sunset...

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