Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Are We At Sea?

Apparently being on a cruise must be tiring as we all slept in! A slow amble down for breakfast at Triton's provided everyone with their favourite fixes - eggs benedict, bircher muesli, waffles, cream of wheat...

We decided to give one of the cooking classes a go, as we got to eat the food afterwards. And so it was that we learnt how to cook risotto from a German. I never knew cooking mushroom risotto required so many ingredients! So much for one pot cooking...I'll share the secrets imparted for a "no fail" risotto...always cook 3 parts liquid to every one part rice, use lots of butter, and use lots of parmesan! Eccola! Supposedly risotto can be prepared in 18 minutes...

Still basking in the glory of a raffle win, we made various bids to win more free things. Shutters photo package...fail...shopping talk for crown of light diamond pendant...fail...DVC talk for $200 onboard credit...fail! Strike 3 and you're out!

We turned to enjoying the beautiful scenery we were sailing through and the absolutely flat waters we were sailing on. The ship was so close to the shore that you almost felt like if you fell into the water, you could easily swim to shore!

I can touch that. Surely!?!?

Our scenery "at sea". Blue skies and calm waters galore

As formal as we can get with belongings of 5 people squished into 2 suitcases

Waiting for the dining room to open

Our growing "Frozen" door

As usual we utilised formal night as an opportunity to have family photos taken and then enjoyed Disney's broadway style show The Golden Mickeys, a show which pays tribute to Walt Disney.

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