Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Tracy Arm

We all appreciated the extra hour sleep in as we transitioned into Alaskan waters. The day kicked off with a character breakfast at Parrot Cay with Mickey and friends visiting each table.

The children still loved the character breakfast even thought they've done this numerous times now.


After that it was simply a matter of enjoying the view as the ship sailed into Tracey Arm Fjord, located in the Inside Passage south of Juneau. We were flanked by impressive cliff faces on either side of the ship where numerous waterfalls can be seen, created by the melting snow caps. Along the route to the Twin Sawyer Glaciers at the end of Tracey Arm we saw abundant wild life including whales and sea lions. As much as I hate to sound cliched, the scenery was simply stunning.

The evening was capped off with dinner at Palo, the ship's specialty Italian fine dining restaurant. We feasted upon scallops, lobsters, calamari, and steak until we were literally stuffed. The famed chocolate souffle did not disappoint.

I opted to sleep in preparation for our day in Skagway tomorrow whilst the rest of the family enjoyed the magic show.
Tracy Arm Fjord

Where the term glacial blue comes from!

Gorgeous views all round!

As we moved up the Fjord it got colder and colder...And yes those are all icebergs in the water!

So much of it below the water

If you look carefully, some have seal on top of it!

Sawyer Glacier

The crew brought up a chunk of the iceberg

Grandpa got a piece...

And had it with Whiskey!

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