Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Peak To Peak

Today was another physically exhausting day up on the Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. A gondola took us up from the base of Whistler to the summit where we caught another chairlift to the peak. A gruelling walk down the mountain took us the Peak the Peak Gondola, where a cable car transported us from Whistler to Blackcomb. From there, it was an exercise of endurance in the heat before we returned home...A photo essay it will be!

The website said open at 9. The information man said 9:30 and the sign had 10am! So we went for the earliest to be front of line for the Whistler Gondola...

Going up to the Summit of Whistler

Made it to the top! 

Waiting patiently for the peak express chairlift to open so we can go even higher to the very top

The lovely walk to the chairlift

Grandpa did well to overcome his fear of heights!

At the peak!

Significantly cooler at the top with plenty of white around...

Inukshuks along the Matthews Traverse

Glacier walls along the path

The family continuing to make their way down the mountain

Tiny streams along the way

Plenty of greenery

Finally made it to the station to take one of these to Blackcomb!

We were wondering why people had their skis and snowboards

When we saw this! 

Lunch time! Very late for us at 1:30pm...a cheeseburger never tasted so good. We then made it down Blackcomb for the family adventure zone.

Plenty of activities for the children including a bobsled.

Children loved it!

Even Grandpa had a go!

There was a giant maze. You clock on to start the time and clock off when you're out of the maze. If you complete it under certain times, you get prizes. Elliot not content with his initial time of 9 min, redid the course in 2.5 minutes!

Lara going for it!

Well it appears that Daddy enjoyed the activities too...

Jonah knew what he wanted to do!

The walk back to Whistler Village was lovely and would have been nice if we hadn't already walked so far already!

Views on the walk home.

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