Saturday, 27 June 2015


Today was the day to celebrate my spa credit win! We were not arriving at Ketchikan, our last port of call on the cruise, until 11am and so a 90 minute stone massage was in order. have the neck and shoulder tension massaged away.

The ship pulled into the pretty fishing village right on time. We were warned that Ketchikan has a high amount of yearly rainfall, more than Scotland...but we needn't have worried. The weather was magnificent with most of us ending up feeling hot!

Ketchikan has the world's largest collection of standing Totem Poles. We visited one of the major location, Saxman Totem Park, independently. The taxi driver kindly pointed out a bald eagle's nest on the way and we saw many more during the day!

We moved on to explore the historic district of Creek Street, an area with antique boardwalks built over Ketchikan Creek. Unfortunately, we were not there at the right time to view the salmon run much to the disappointment of some. A quick walk through the town and we were back on to the ship.

Dinner was a feast of Alaskan King crab! I have to comment that the food on the ship has been very good. It was much improved than when we were last on the Fantasy. Unfortunately Jonah was feeling unwell, and so he and I skipped comedy show and went to bed instead.

The gorgeous fishing town of Ketchikan

Oh look...there's a cruise ship parked at the end of the road


The Totem Village

Rainforest right off the carpark

Bald headed eagles everywhere

More freebies! This time 20 minutes in the arcade

And the children were off!

Jonah enjoying the Alaskan king crab legs

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