Friday, 26 June 2015


Our port of call today is Juneau, the largest state capital in the USA and the only one (other than Hawaii) not connected by road. The weather was not on our side today. We werevgreeted by rain flying sideways courtesy of the wind. The top of Mt Robert's could not be seen because of the clouds and fog. Our Paddle board guide was unfortunately snowed in and could not make it for our tour. We were secretly happy....Instead we walked around the town and sampled some of the famous Alaskan crab at Tracy's Crab Shack. It was SO good!

We returned to the ship where I had a nap as I was not feeling particularly well. Upon our return to our cabin, we discovered that each child had received a toy from reception (a different ghost each from the Haunted Mansion). We were not quite sure why and racked our brains to remember if we had complained about anything...

It was a relaxing end to the evening with the family enjoying Toy Story the musical.


We're ready for the cold and the wet...

Taking advantage of the very short shuttle ride downtown

The famous Tracy's crab shack

Our sampler meal. Crab legs, crab patties served with the most amazing sauce (so much so that we bought a bottle!) and crab bisque

Our freebies

Ready for semiformal night

Menu in 3D

Lobster for dinner. Mmmm...

The rings!

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