Monday, 22 June 2015

Hello Disney Wonder and Alaska!

It was going to be hard enough to sleep in with excitement levels on overload. Leaving the curtains partially opened overnight did not help with sunrise occurring at 4:30am. At 5am a certain child shouted out, "I'm ready to go on a Disney cruise!". Thank you love...Unfortunately, or fortunately, the ship we could see out of our room was not the Disney Wonder but the Norwegian Sun. Thus, a little more sleep was enforced.

With such an early start, after breakfast and packing we still had nearly 3 hours to kill before heading out to the port! The children scored some precious cartoon time before we walked the short distance downhill to Canada Place. Immigration and customs were busy but the line flowed. We were a little disappointed that despite being there right on our allocated time of 11am (the earliest available) there were already a ton of people there before us! We received a boarding number of 5. The cast member helping us at check in didn't have the usual Disney magic and she was unable to help us with access for us across both staterooms but room cards were soon fixed by the supervisor. The children ran to be registered into the kids club. The kids clubs bands had been updated to magic bands since our last cruise and had GPS on it or so we were told, so they were able to tell exactly where the children were!

Hello beautiful ship. Its been a while since Panama Canal in Jan 2010!

Finally getting onboard

The upgraded kids clubs bands

After a short wait at the terminal, we were soon able to board and heard the familiar "Disney Wonder welcome the Albany family!". The cruise had begun! Mr "I love buffet" was all too happy to take Nana and Grandpa up to the pool deck for lunch while Malcolm made a beeline for the laundry room. The children were ecstatic to be able to swim post lunch and thoroughly enjoyed themselves gorging on soft serve. Unbeknownst to the rest of the family, there was drama galore with laundry. The self service laundry room was not supposed to be opened until 6pm so machines didn't work. One cast member activated it with a master card but then left and advised Malcolm that guest services would help shortly. To cut a long story short, all ended up well and we got 2 loads of laundry done for no charge...Grandpa in the meantime had his own dramas with a lost passport! It had been swept up by Malcolm accidentally at check in.

Enjoying the pool in the warm weather while waiting for our staterooms to be ready

Once all dramas were sorted and behind us, we headed up to the spa raffle where I won the prize of $100 credit! Woot woot!!! The next lovely surprise came in the form of our cabin having received the "frozen" treatment courtesy of Karen, our travel agent from Small World Vacations. I guess we were worth melting for :)

How's this for a win!!


The sparklies hanging down from the ceiling

Sail away party. 

If you're going to get a beer, do it properly...

The first of many, many desserts

Definitely going to enjoy bedtime tonight

We were fortunate to get a prime table at Triton's right by the window. After good food and good entertainment, everyone was all too happy to retire in readiness for a full day of activity at sea!

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