Saturday, 30 December 2017

Back to Havana

It was a low key travel day back to the Capital. It was somewhat dismaying to leave the countryside to return to the crowded and dirty streets of Old Havana. We couldn’t help but feel that it was a shame to have so many buildings which were obviously once grand in such a dilapidated state. Some so bad that it looked like a war zone. Our casa once again was extremely basic. There was only one sheet covering the very thin mattress on the bed and air-conditioning was barely working. Whilst the bathroom was clean, it was full of mosquitoes. At least this time we were all in the same casa!

Our walk around Old Havana really highlighted the poverty of the country. Everything was broken or dirty. You had to be careful not to step into dog poo. There were small areas where things were well maintained and those were geared particularly for tourists. We did, however, chance upon a Japanese restaurant! The excitement of the family was palpable. We could not return there for dinner fast enough. The Japanese speaking waitress filled us with great hope of getting an authentic Asian fix. Alas it was not to be! Whilst it was not the typical Cuban offerings, the flavour was not quite Japanese either!

The buildings on the street near our casa

The corridor in our casa

Our room

Is that...Japanese food?!?

One of the strangest tasting karaage I've ever had!

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