Thursday, 21 December 2017

Typhoon Lagoon

A sleep in was well in order. Everyone was grateful that Typhoon Lagoon did not open until 10am. As it turned out, all worked out for the best. It was a much warmer day today and better suited for a water park day than our original planned day when temperatures only reached a high of 15 degrees Celsius! Getting to Typhoon Lagoon required a bus trip to Disney Springs. Once there, another bus trip of around 5 min was needed to get to Typhoon Lagoon.

The Yoongs joined us today and the children had a ball exploring the various water slides. The consensus was that the monstrous wave pool was awesome! Another hit was Humunga Kowabunga, a slide that had one dropping straight down a LONG way. I believe someone had taken footage of me screaming all the way down…

We gorged ourselves on funnel cakes and fried ice-creams before retiring to the resort for a quick rest and to pack. The adults reconvened at Flying Fish for our last dinner on Disney property. Why had we not come here earlier??!? What it lacked in Disney theming was made up with the quality and taste of the food. The scallops with squid ink was absolutely divine. Whilst we were enjoying the finest meal of the trip so far Elliot and the Yoong kids scoffed down pizza and the giant ice cream sandwiches from Ample Hills. Snack credits used up. Mission complete!

Our last Disney day was always bitter sweet. Some last thoughts in no particular order. It was rather sad for us to see Brian’s girls get ill and not be able to enjoy the park as much as we had planned. We were glad though that what they managed to do they loved! We didn’t predict Alana’s absolute joy to see the characters and that Alysa would be a thrill seeker! The older children enjoyed the parks with other children of their own age. They said that whilst they would have still enjoyed it if it was just our core family, the Yoong kids made it more fun. Grrr!!! The parks were the busiest we had ever experienced at this time of year. We were not sure if this was out of character or a sign of how things will be in the future. Booking fastpasses in advance with certain rides tiered certainly changed how efficiently we could cover the parks. As early risers and happy walkers, we had a greater advantage with the old paper fastpass system. Malcolm was very  glad to have snuck in Carousel of Progress. This was the first time the Disney bubble had noticeable cracks for us. Most noticeable were some bus drivers and bell service. Some were downright rude and nasty. There was only one server in Cinderella’s Royal Table and the one in Jungle Navigation Canteen (both veteran CMs)  who provided real Disney service. Overall thought, we still had an amazing time and were sad to be leaving. We are looking forward to our next trip with seasoned campaigners and also perhaps trips with just Malcolm and I in the future! Bring on Disney marathon Jan 2021!!

Typhoon Lagoon

Even Oma was ready to enjoy the slides!

Jonah LOVED it!

Funnel cake anyone?!

Or perhaps fried ice-cream?

Flying fish!

One of the tastiest scallop meals I've had!

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