Thursday, 14 December 2017

Epcot Take 2

We returned to Epcot this morning. We would have made to rope drop if the monorail to Epcot had been working! However, we got there early enough to make it to Test Track with only a 30-minute wait which worked well for us.

We never thought we would be doing this….but we ended up lining up outside Starbucks prior to the 9am opening! We enjoyed the super large holiday flavoured latte to make the most of our snack credits. As an added bonus, we were right next to the character meet where Baymax was! My day was complete!!!

Yes we were in the line for Starbucks rather than in the line for a ride!

One mug to bind them all...
I love you Baymax!

That was the car that we would be driving on our roadtrip...the very large Chevy Suburban
We hit the big ticket Soarin’ before the family split up. My parents and I shopped and came across some very interesting and beautiful jewelry which were hand made from orange peel, coffee and seeds. The jewelry was also fragrant because of the materials used to make them. Not one to resist, we purchased some orange peel jewelry fashioned into delicate rosettes.

The gang reconvened for lunch at Les Chefs de France. This was a restaurant we had not been to before and it was surprisingly good! Waiters with French accents definitely helped with the overall experience. The steak frites was excellent. We were in agreement with the general reviews that it was an under rated hidden gem.

Shopping with the parentals!

Profiterole dessert at Le Chefs de France

Appetiser anyone?!?
The family headed back to the resort for a nap post lunch. The adults had a much anticipated dinner at California Grill. Uber eats was organised for the children after their resort pool swim. The Yoongs headed over from the Polynesian lugging our two gigantic boxes of shopping and the California Grill staff kindly stored them for us in the cloak room. We all had amazing appetisers and mains with Michaels’ steak being absolutely out of this work! The waiter had done such a good job selling the crème brulee. We were sorely disappointed when we discovered it was one of the worst crème brulee we’ve ever had. I suppose two out of three aint bad?!?

The balcony just outside of the restaurant gave us great views of the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom’s Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. It was a shame that it was bitterly cold! However, the fireworks never fail to impress.

The adult diners (minus the olds)

Fireworks over the Magic Kingdom!

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