Sunday, 10 December 2017

Stay Awake!

Today's aim was simple. Stay awake.

With Bay Lake Tower a convenient stone throw's away from the Magic Kingdom, it was an easy 15 minute stroll. Security was about at the halfway point and the bag check was definitely more thorough than at our previous visit about 3 years ago. However as the numbers were significantly less compared to those at the security after the bus drop offs and for the monorails, it moved very quickly.

Yay! Our first stay as  a DVC member!

Our arrival an hour past park opening time meant walking straight into the park with no lines. Walking down Main Street with a view of the castles was just the best! The joy was immediate and immense. We were here! We met up with the Yoongs, a family travelling together with us for the Disney portion of our trip. There was no better way to get into the right frame of mind for a breakfast at Crystal Palace than to hop on to Winnie the Pooh! We were now ready for some high fat, high sugar breakfast with Pooh bear and Friends. It was a delight to see how excited my nieces, Alana and Alysa, were to meet Winnie, Eeyore and Piglet. Tigger unfortunately never made it to our table! We were then on our way with rides. Going on rides as an extended family was just so much fun. Everyone survived until 2pm when we made to call to return to the resort for a nap.

It was freezing. Unseasonably cold weather had us in our down jackets. 

Breakfast with Pooh Bear and friends

Uncle Michael being introduced to turkey leg
Even Oma Lulu went on Space Mountain!

The vote for dinner was a wander through Disney Springs. This was a trip of many firsts. The first trip for the Yoongs, my brother Brian and his family, the first time we've stayed at Bay Lake Tower, the first time we've trying the deluxe Disney dining plan and the first time touring the parks with an ECV! Time had come for the first unknown, how to catch a Disney bus with an ECV! The driver, thankfully, was most kind and helpful (we later discovered that not all were so nice...). The bus was lowered, ECV loaded and strapped and the passenger could choose to sit on the ECV itself. We were glad to see that more than 1 ECV could be accommodated on each bus. With so many ECVs, our concern had been that we had to wait for multiple buses.

Disney Springs was absolutely packed. It was so different to when we last visited. By the time we had ordered dinner and finished eating, everyone was too tired to shop...and thus ended our first Disney day. Tiring, and short but certainly not lacking in fun!

Having a drink at Top Of The World Bar

Cocktail for 2

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