Saturday, 9 December 2017

I Want To Be in America!

As I type, bear in mind that we have been up for more than 30 hours and have relived Dec 9th twice so please forgive any incoherence. The tank could not be any more depleted...

Our journey across the Pacific was not as seamless as it could have been but we arrived safely which was the main aim! American Airlines had much to do with the displeasure. Apart from breaking up the family with seating on the plane, the service on the plane was not only non-existent, it was down right rude! So much so that the couple seated in front of us were afraid to ask for drinks, and Malcolm got told a big eye roll and dramatic from the cabin attendant dropping the ice-cream! Geez Louise! I didn't think it was possible but American Airlines you have surpassed United as the worst airlines ever! LAX was surprisingly not as painful as expected. We struggled to stay awake for the next leg to Orlando and was glad to get on Disney's Magical Express on to Walt Disney World!

A minibus means the Baharis are going on holidays!

AA brand new planes lousy service

Finally in Orlando! Waiting for our Magical Express bus

Checking in at Bay Lake Tower

One of many refillable mugs we would get and the source of many many hot chocolates

We must test the scooter before letting Oma Lulu sits on it

By the time we arrived and completed check in at our base of Bay Lake Tower, it was well past 8pm. Dinner at the Contempo Cafe was passable fast food but nothing to write home about. It did the job of filling the tummy. After settling the children to bed, we had to purchase our Tables in Wonderland Cards as well as collect our pre-purchased clothing from the Yoongs at the Polynesian. The increased security was apparent with multiple security points now in place instead of the one right outside the Magic Kingdom.

The music, lights, decorations and people outside the Magic Kingdom kept us going with the taste of what was to come tomorrow...just. We stumbled home and straight into bed. Over and out. Until tomorrow!

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