Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Star Wars, Shopping & Swordfights

This was the first time that we hired a car at World Disney World. The process was thankfully smooth and easy. Our rental was from the Car Care Centre which provided a free pick up shuttle from our resort. The shuttle came right on time at 0645. We drove to Disney Springs and found our way to the parking garage without incident. Luckily there was no one on the road!

What?!? Is this small car ours?!?

We needed to be at the Void for our Star Wars Virtual Reality experience. This sold out so quickly so we had high hopes and it didn’t disappoint! Oh my goodness virtual reality had come a long way from my last nausea inducing experience at DisneyQuest 4 years ago. Despite the rather painful check in process, everyone came out in awe. The vest that we had to wear was quite substantial and heavy and Jonah did well to manage it. The attached helmet whisked us to the lava planet of Mustafa. What we saw and experienced was so real that Malcolm was petrified of falling into the lava. Once we were given guns, telling Jonah to NOT fire the guns was pointless. The rest of us immediately felt tiny buzzing feelings on our midsections. Jonah was shooting at us! The exercise showed me that I was rather cowardly. When Darth Vader showed, I was absolutely terrified and convinced that I was going to die. Thus I used my children as shields…Thank goodness the whole experience only lasted 15 minutes!

With the morning excitement out of the way, we proceeded to the Premium Outlet mall at Vineland. We had only until 5pm to shop before dinner at Medieval Times. Medieval Times was a family favourite. What could be more fun than eating a whole chicken with your hands while watching and cheering on your Knight?! The only problem this time was that there was a problem with their ovens and so our food took a LONG time to come out. So much so that they had to give out bags in case we wanted to take our food home with us. And alas, other than having great hair, our red knight was virtually useless!
An old favourite!

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