Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Our last Magic Kingdom Day

It was thankfully a slow start to the day. An early morning stroll along the boardwalk area in search of pastries and caffeine was rather enjoyable! Our planned time to leave for the Magic Kingdom was not until 10am...gasp!

With school holidays in full swing here in the states, the park was busy. I shudder to think how much worse it would be closer to Christmas. Our reservation for Cinderella's Royal was thankfully nice and early. Our meals were served quickly and we had the nicest server! With tiaras on, Lara and I were ready to meet the princesses. Oma was quick to point out how beautifully detailed their costumes were. The teen boys were good sports and were happy to be in photos with the Disney Royals.
Post lunch activities were mainly centred around maximising our remaining wild fastpasses. The family opted to go on the classics. Jungle Cruise, Dumbo and Pirates of the Caribbean won the honours. We also had one last day to shop for merchandise. Elliot finally found something that he wanted to buy! Oma gladly purchased him an ewok bag tag.

Tiaras on! 

Studying the CRT menu!

Meeting the princesses in the castle!

Be Our Guest, a reservation that we had to wait until our last park day to get, was a fitting way to end our time at the theme parks. We had to wait a long time to get seated but it was worth the wait. The ballroom was as stunning as ever and the grey stuff still delicious!

Getting out post dinner though, was mayhem. We had to abandon plans to watch the castle projection show and fireworks. The crowds were so crazy that at some point we COULD NOT move. The whole family was separated, and it took a good 40 minutes just to exit the park from Fantasyland!
After sneaking in some last minute photopass opportunities we farewelled the Magic Kingdom for another 4 years.
A last look at the gorgeous castle

Try the grey stuff, its delicious!

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