Sunday, 7 January 2018

A Windy Day At Sea

The whole family slept in until 8am. The beds were amazingly comfortable! As Haven guests, we had our own dining room where we were able to have our breakfast, lunch and dinner. We enjoyed not having to find tables and fighting the crowds at the buffet. The Haven breakfast had a buffet where you were able to get fresh fruit, yoghurt, bircher muesli, cold cuts, breads and pastries anytime. They also made a wide selection of hot breakfast made to order.

Our late start saw a gym that was absolutely packed to the rafters. We opted to use the stairs for exercise instead. Going down and back up from the 17th floor to the 5th floor twice was not easy work!!!

In an effort to further our trivia knowledge, the whole family attended a session titled “30,000 years of art in 30 min”. It turned out to be exceedingly useful! The presenter did a great job of an overview of art and we certainly learnt a lot! The free mimosas were enjoyable too! We moved on to minigolf as most of the outdoor sports were closed because of continuing high winds.

We tried lunch at the Garden Café buffet. There was quite a good selection of food including 8 different flavours of real ice cream. The food quality was also reasonably good. From here, the family split up to do their own activities from movies and boardgames, to enjoying the Haven’s indoor pool and sauna

Haven breakfast buffet

Breakfast table

Putt putt time!

At this time, we realised we had made a rookie error. We forgot to replenish our stock of scopolamine patches. We were down to two which went to Malcolm and Michael. The winds had increased and the seas were exceedingly rocky. Oma unfortunately was struck down by seasickness and was not able to join us for our Teppanyaki dinner.

Teppanyaki was a lot of fun! Our chef was highly entertaining and the entrée meats provided were generous and tasty. The garlic fried rice was delicious and was the green tea ice cream at the end.

Mech vs minions


Green tea cake and ice cream went down well!

Ah yes! Captured how I felt perfectly

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