Monday, 8 January 2018

Jamaica Mon!

The rocky seas continued overnight and there were fears that we would not be able to dock in Jamaica. Again, this was part of the amended itinerary, but we were still glad to be able to get off in Falmouth.
A big yes to getting off the ship!

Our first stop was Green Grotto Caves, a large network of limestone caves of over 1.5km long. We were allocated, Jeremy, to be our guide. He was absolutely hilarious! The caves were steeped in history from its beginnings with the native Taino Indians, to being a hideout for runaway slaves, a hideout for Spaniards during the war with the English and was even used as a nightclub! Unfortunately, the green grotto itself, a subterranean lake, which was normally crystal clear right down to the bottom, was murky because of the recent heavy and constant rains.

Hardhats on for safety

The area once used as a nightclub

There were bats everywhere!

Going down...

Water not the crystal clear lake that it normally was :(

Nice to be back out!

Unfortunately, our planned rafting adventure down the Martha Brae River could not go ahead on account of the recent storms and floods destroying the rafts! We consoled ourselves with some Scotchies jerk chicken, jerk pork and festival. Oh how I love that festival bread! While we went coffee tasting, our guide was explaining how the best coffee in Jamaica grew on the highest altitude which was Blue Mountain and that the White House only served coffee from Blue Mountain. Now we knew why the coffee shop chain was called Jamaica Blue!

Jerk chicken and pork being cooked at Scotchies

The best bread ever.

Montega Bay, the second largest city in Jamaica, was next on our list. We opted for a quick highlights tour prior to heading back to the ship. As there were 2 ships docked there, traffic was horrendous, we had to abandon our plan to visit the famous Doctor Cave Beach.

An early return to the ship meant the children go on the ropes course prior to dinner. The show on tonight was “After midnight” a broadway style Cotton Club jazz show. It was amazing and well worth watching! The band, singers and dancers were all very good. We loved how they performed not just the well known classics but other lesser known numbers as well. 

Time for the ropes course

A zip line in the middle of it

Confident children

Not so confident father!

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