Friday, 5 January 2018

Back to Miami

Today was a bit of a non-event. The front that brought the cold weather in Cuba and strong winds today had persisted. Our planned morning at Seven Mile Beach was shortened to just a quick look see replaced by a shopping session. We lunched at KFC for a quick meal as we had to return our rental car prior to our flight back to Miami. That went smoothly enough. However, upon checking in, we were informed that our 5:25pm flight was delayed to now depart at 7:10pm! The only saving grace was that we were able to find seats next to a power point to keep the devices going. The plane was further delayed until 8:30pm and then we had to wait for missing passengers…We finally arrived in Miami just after 10pm. Unfortunately, the line at immigration was long and it took us about 45 minutes to get through. We had also just missed our shuttle to the Embassy Suites. When it did come, there was only enough space for half the family. Everyone was just grateful to be able to crash onto comfortable beds.

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