Saturday, 20 January 2018

Oregon To California

We had to leave relatively early this morning for our long drive to our next stop in California. The sun finally managed to burst through the clouds, completely changing the feel the place! Once across the border to California, we snaked our way inland and watched the coastal scenery change. The roads became progressively smaller until it became a one lane semi dirt road amongst very tall and big trees. We were in a small area in the world where the redwoods were able to grow naturally and some of them aged about 1500 years old. Sadly only about 5% of the original area are left, with the others gone from logging. We were able to do a few loop trails to admire the very tall Coast redwoods on foot. That was enough to take up a few hours. We had a very late lunch and continued driving south. By the time we arrived in Eureka, it was well past 3pm and Malcolm was due for a well deserved rest! Our lodging was conveniently next to a mall complete with Sears, Walmart and TJ Max. This kept Oma and Oma very happy! 

The very moody scenery from our cottage at Bandon

The sun came out! To give you a sense of scale, that little person on the beach was Elliot!

A little botany lesson

They were very very tall!!!

Fallen tree and its giant roots

"Big Tree"

Again for scale, here is Jonah next to the sign. The tree was 7m in diameter!

Mexican for dinner!

Back on the booze. Margarita it was

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