Sunday, 14 January 2018

Sleeping In Seattle

Plan B = bicycles! Argh!!! My parents agreed to it. Argh!!! That meant I had to agree to it. Arghh!! With free bicycles at our hotel for us to use how could I refuse…

Free bicycle rental. Why oh why did you say yes Mum!!!

We made it to Pike Place Market intact!

And so it was that the whole tribe cycled bright and early to the famous Pike Place Markets where there were plenty of fresh produce to peruse including seafood, fruit, vegetables, cheeses AND Chinese dim sums! As much as it was against good coffee instincts, a visit to the very first Starbucks store was also a must.  After several purchases, we stopped by gum wall, a brickwall down an alley covered in chewed gum. Eewgh…

Let's buy food!

Beanies on! At the very Starbucks store

A great collection of dried fruits

Buying dim sum


Gum wall


It took us a while to decide which one to get....

We continued on bike to the waterfront and cycled on the Elliott Bay Trail to the Olympic Sculpture Park. The view was amazing. The cycling continued to the Seattle Centre where the Space Needle was located. The Needle was unfortunately being refurbished but we went up anyway as ¾ of the observation deck was still open and it was clear sunny day. The view from the top was even more spectacular than from the water!

By the time we cycled home post lunch it was 3pm and everyone was exhausted from a combination of exertion and time zone change. So we slept…and slept…and slept!

Stunning views! You can just see the peaks of the mountains above the white fog

Olympic Sculpture Park

Sculptures along the cycle path

Jonah said he spotted a seal

At Seattle Place. Bike parking everywhere

Can't miss our bikes!

The Space Needle unfortunately being refurbished. The new revamped version will have full floor to ceiling glass windows

Info on how the tower was built

Interactive for the kids


Looking out to where we cycled along the water earlier in the day

Museum of Pop Culture

The monorail took tourists straight to Westlake Mall in the city

A healthy lunch!

Followed by not so healthy snacks...

How we could resist this?!!

Lighter than the name implied! And very delicious!

Rewards for hard work today

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