Saturday, 13 January 2018

Bikini to Beanie

Disembarkation was lightning quick. From our cabin to kerbside took exactly 15 minutes! Our prebooked shuttle took us to Miami International airport without incident. After what seemed like a chaotic check-in process where passengers checked themselves in at self serve kiosks, the rest of our travel day went very smoothly with all flights leaving on time. Despite the long lines for security, it moved briskly and we were through much quicker than expected.

Our brief stop at Dallas Fort Worth airport for our connecting flight was an hour of exploration with the airports very quick and efficient airlink, a monorail system connecting various terminals. We had just enough time to fill the stomachs with a delicious lunch at the American Express Centurion Lounge before hopping into our plane bound for Seattle. Who knew that spicy bean soup could taste so good?

Airlink. Who would have thought going from terminal to terminal could provide so much entertainment?!?

We were given very clear instructions on how to find our shuttle at Seattle airport and once there, our shuttle was ready for us and took us downtown. There was no traffic and we arrived at Hotel Five Staypineapple within 30 minutes. The hotel was funky and most importantly had THE most comfortable beds and THE best doona system ever! One doona for each person! No more fighting over doonas!!! The staff were also super friendly and helpful, assisting us in planning our day in Seattle tomorrow. The good news was that they had a free shuttle to all the major points of interest. The bad news was that Sunday was the driver’s day off. That would only encourage Malcolm to activate plan B(eanie).

Our funky room

With our body clocks three hours ahead, we all crashed…

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