Wednesday, 19 September 2012

79 Days To Go

All good intentions of blogging a post at 80 days out from our European adventure got thrown out the window last night. As I suffered physically through the day, I had to lament at my less than desirable state of fitness. How is it possible to still have residual aches and pains from only 1 hour of bush dancing that happened 3 days ago? As we inched towards our departure date, I realised that it was time I relinquished some control. I was not achieving much with regard to organisation and so I welcomed the help of another procrastinator in the form of my dear husband. He had inherited the role of shore excursion co-ordinator a few weeks ago.
So far the move has proven to be a good one. In Cyprus, we will be visiting a UNESCO listed village on donkeyback where they still make their own haloumi. We will be learning about typical village life which include ‘dancing, cooking and eating’. In Turkey, we will be visiting a castle, canyons, and having a massage. He was most excited to find a private tour operator by the name of Digger Dan in Israel, a man with a similar sense of humour to himself who offered the most interesting tours. I especially love his page on payment. Unfortunately, he was sorely disappointed to discover that the services of Digger Dan has been snapped up by someone else for the day. Digger Dan has recommended a friend and I hope he or she is just as good.
The plan is to hike towards the pyramids of Giza and Cairo from Port Said, and to tour the Alexandria whilst in port. Tour operators are yet to be determined.
As an aside, the children had another concert last evening. Both children sang well, and Elliot gave a wonderful performance of Bach's Minuets and Gigue on the piano. The children were very happy to have nanna and grandpa watch them. Unfortunately, this rather slack mother forgot to take video footage. Even photographs were forgotten...sigh

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