Sunday, 16 September 2012


It is never a waste of time to re-read this beautiful passage
The three congregations of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church gathered at Stanwell Tops for Getaway, the church's annual camp. Our guest speaker was Christ Chia, from Singapore, who took us through 1 Corinthians. On arrival on the Friday nights, we were unfortunately too pooped to attend the first talk and slept through until the next morning. It was with joy as always when we are able to have breakfast that we don't have to prepare ourselves! And so the wonderful weekend of hearing God's word began as we worked through Paul's letter to the Corinthians drawing parallels to the modern church of today. The talks were challenging but yet encouraging at the same time.

The beautiful backdrop of wonderful weekend sitting under God's word

Breakfast cooked by someone else!
The talks were interspersed with fellowship, small group discussion, good and of course games! Malcolm was dismayed when his favourite Levi 501s purchased from Montana at $16 ripped straight down right next  to the zipper! The children had been waiting patiently for Saturday nights bush dance and it disappoint. And it was lot of fun! Many took the task of dressing up very seriously! The theme was Australiana. I, personally, needed the opportunity to work off the panna cotta that I had scoffed down at dinner time. 303 calories per hour, I was informed...

My boot scootin babies!

Cricketer extraordinaire?

The very cute gumnuts with costumes made by mum!

Cannot be any more Australian...bogans!

Perhaps the cutest and most eloquent bogan of them all!

Julia Guillard is in the house! With Ned Kelly...

Lara enjoying the bush dancing
After the Sunday services, the final talk, and lunch. We unfortunately, had to leave. We headed straight for Malcolm's parents house for dinner. Oops I lie, we detoured via Costco where I discovered that pumpkin pies were back in store. Woohoo!!! Armed with a precious pie and lamb chops, we finally drove towards the in-laws for a relaxing end to the weekend.

Chilling out with Poppy after an exhausting weekend

Jonah very content to lie down and watch cartoons

Pumpkin pie...gotta love Costco!

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