Friday, 14 September 2012

Return Of The Grandparents

It is with great frustration that I lie here typing on my iPhone. We are at Stanwell Tops for the annual church getaway. My 3G phone connection with Optus is sadly faster than my Telstra wireless broadband. Go figure...I am unable to upload my photos from the camera so hopefully everyone will be content with text alone. I will update with images as soon as we get back home. I will keep this brief as typing on a small surface with one finger is rather tiring! 

We welcomed home Malcolm's parents from their European adventure. They surprised us with a visit this afternoon bearing gifts for all. The children were ecstatic to see them as was I. I thought they weren't going to be home for another 2 weeks! It was a shame that we were on our way to Church camp so we only had about an hour together. We will certainly look forward to dinner on Sunday with them to catch up!

Addendum...Yay! Found free wifi. Here are the photos

Everyone happy to see to each other again

Jonah very happy with his "real" football

As was Elliot who also received keeping gloves

Lara couldn't wait to try on her Hungarian national dress

Little bag from Abu Dhabi. For an iPhone I was told...

Am I that transparent? My gifts were Disney related. If you wish to know, Malcolm received Star  Wars figurines from Europe...

Yay, a Hungarian scarf for me as well

Our stop after battling 2 hours of traffic trying to get out of Sydney!

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