Monday, 3 September 2012

Owning More Of The Mouse

With 100 days to go until we visit Disneyland Paris, we received great news...

"We confirm your membership to the Euro Disney S.C.A. Shareholders Club"

Woohoo! In addition to our share in the Walt Disney Company courtesy of our dear friends, we now also own a piece of Disneyland Paris. Timing couldn't have worked out better. We purchased our shares when the share price was just over 4. Shortly after on 24 August 2012, reports surfaced that The Walt Disney Co is considering a possible buyout of the firm that manages Disneyland Paris. Share prices immediately jumped up. It now sits at nearly 2 more than our purchase price. How's that for immediate return in investment!

It means that we are able to maximise the value that we get out of  the benefits of being members of the Euro Disney Shareholders's Club. If we had bought the shares after the price increase, it would have been hard to recoup the initial layout for the shares.

Some of the benefits that we were particularly interested in include:

  • 20% off guided tours of the Disney Parks
  • 10% discount at Disney Stores in Europe 
  • Up to 15% discount at Disneyland Paris Boutiques
  • 20% discount on Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show
  • 15% discount on table service and buffet restaurants in the Disney Parks, Hotels and Disney Village
  • Light coffee break at Salon Mickey, at the entrance of Disneyland Paris 
So how do you become a member of the Shareholder's club?
First you need to buy some Euro Disney shares. You'll need at to hold at least 5 shares. Then simply contact the Shareholder's Club and follow the instructions! Keep in mind that with rumours of a buyout, there is a possibility that you will have to sell your shares to the Walt Disney Co which means the likely end of the shareholder's benefit. However, as to if or when this happens is anyone's guess so we'll enjoy in the meantime!

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