Thursday, 27 September 2012

Mike Is Back!

The children came home this morning after spending time with nanna and grandpa. It was then off to the cinema to watch Madagascar 3. The children had been singing and performing "Afro-circus" for a while so I wasn't sure if taking them to see the movie was a kind or a stupid thing to do! We entered the theatre with home baked cookies for snacks and all three watch enthralled for the entire time.

Lunch was a fare of "orange fish" or better known as salmon sushi and sashimi. It was then off to check on progress of our new home. They were somewhat disappointed as they forgot that Oma and Opa were still on holidays. However, to the children's delight, they discovered that Uncle Michael had returned from his travels. He had been traipsing around Korea, Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong, and brought home goodies for each of the children. Uncle Brian was also there sorting out light fittings on his new home, and so cousin Alysa was there to play with. Uncle Michael was the coolest for providing nori and prawn crackers for afternoon tea.

Uncle Michael is home!

Look at those gorgeous curls!

Lara's growing collection of hair accessories

My awesome present...from Hong Kong Disneyland!

Three very happy children

Alas, the fun afternoon had to end as we headed home for piano practice, dinner, and the ritual of a Thursday night Disney movie whilst mum and dad are off at trivia. Wish us luck!

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